Rug Care

Enjoy your rug for years to come. Proper care will greatly enhance both the beauty and the life of your rug.


A rug pad is strongly recommended under each rug.Acting as a buffer, a rug pad prevents fibers from being crushed, extending the life of your rug.

Furniture Coasters

Using protectors under the legs your furniture, especially heavy furniture, will avoid the flattening of fibers.

Shedding and Loose Fibers

New rugs may shed excess yarn for several months. In the case of long or loose fibers, gently clip yarns with scissors. DO NOT PULL LOOSE FIBERS.

Sun Exposure

Avoid direct sunlight as fibers will fade over time.

Rug Wear and Rotation

Rotate rug every 3-6 months to balance color and ensure even wear.


Frequent vacuuming will prolong the appearance of your rug.
· Use a quality machine and do not use a beater bar on rugs that contain silk, viscose or are of loop construction. NO DYSON VACUUMS.
· Vacuum in the direction of the pile, not against it.
· Refrain from continuously running the vacuum over the edges of a serged or finished edge rug, as this will loosen fibers around the edges and cause them to deteriorate.
· If your rug has fringe edges, avoid running the vacuum the fringes, as fraying may occur. To Use the handheld attachment to vacuum the fringes.
· For reversible rugs such as flat weave rugs, be sure to vacuum both sides. This will remove grit and grime that can prematurely wear out your rug.

Cleaning & Removing Stains

Quick action following a spill is essential in order to keep a permanent stain from setting into your rug.
· Remove spills by blotting with a clean, undyed cloth or towel. Press firmly around the spill to absorb the moisture. DO NOT RUB! This will cause the stain to set deeper into the rug, making it harder to remove and may increase the likelihood that it will reappear.
· Harsh chemicals are not recommended on fine fibers. For difficult stains, professional cleaning is recommended.