The Art of Rug Making

The making of an Exquisite Rug takes a passion for an ancient art, the finest

raw materials and the hands of many skilled artisans.

Discover the artistry and remarkable craftsmanship behind each of our

extraordinary rugs.


Raw wool or silk is cleaned, detangled and then hand spun into balls of yarn. Hand spinning raw materials gives the yarn unique texture, depth and color.


An art form in itself, our Dye Masters prepare dyes from recipes that have been passed down for generations to create each precise color. Freshly spun yarn is then submerged into dye baths.


The yarn will undergo a color-perfecting process of dyeing and sun drying 4-5 times to ensure they obtain the intended shade of color, texture and sheen.


The dyed yarn is collected, wound into balls and assigned to a design and rug artisan.



A design rendering is hand drawn and painted. This graph is the blueprint for each rug, specifying the color and position of every knot.


The intricate art of weaving is the lengthiest step in the process and is done by skilled craftsmen. Our weavers practice time-honored techniques that go back generations.


The newly hand made rug is hand washed thoroughly using wooden paddles multiple times.


Every rug is sun dried. The rugs are stretched out and blocked to counteract any shrinking that may have occurred so the rugs sit just right.


Rugs are hand trimmed. To finish a rug’s overall design, rugs are hand carved and clipped to define pile heights and create distinctive pattern elements.


To finalize the weaving process, yarn is meticulously hand sewn around the edges of the rug.


Using a straw brush, every rug undergoes final brushing by hand in order to uniform the pile.


After a final quality inspection, the finished rug is ready for its forever home.

The Journey of an Exquisite Rug

Immerse yourself into the fascinating journey of a hand made rug.

Follow our highly skilled artisans through each fundamental step, ultimately culminating in a work of art to be prized for generations.